Profile: Dena Verrill


Interior Design Approach

Each project Dena Verrill undertakes is a journey of discovery, resulting in harmony and beauty. By collaborating closely with the client, the final results are personalized interiors which reflect the values and sensibilities of the client. Dena Verrill’s dedication to listening and understanding the clients wishes and needs results in enduring and personal design.

Dena stresses, “If the space creates an environment that reflects the clients values, and their sense of esthetic, an optimal sense of well being will be achieved. I want the final result to be a personal expression of the client. The placement of the furniture, rugs, art and accessories should look as if they belong precisely in that space – as if they have always been there”.

Dena Verrill gives special attention to the clients practical needs as well as their aesthetic sensibilities. Subtlety and attention to detail prevail, while taking into account practical necessities such as storage, convenience and muti-use spaces. Dena’s design signature has been described as “sophisticated, classic with punch.” Whether the client is downsizing from a family house to a smaller residence or apartment, or building a new family home, or refreshing a single room, color, balance, scale and proportion are in harmony.